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Blockchain Consulting

Mosaique helps you design and build customer-facing and
scalable distributed ledger solutions.

How can we help you?

Here is a list of non-exhaustive consulting services we offer

Training Workshop

Create and deliver instructor-led training sessions for your leadership team to kickstart your blockchain journey.

Training content

Develop training content on blockchain, distributed ledger technology and cryptoasset topics.

Use Cases research

Prepare a research deck with detailed use case reviews for industries and sectors your are interested in.

Blockchain technology research

Assess your needs, and research existing and upcoming public and private blockchain technology platforms accordingly.

Ideation and Wireframe

Mature your blockchain based application idea and create a clickable wireframe to help you pitch prospective clients or investors.

Smart Contract prototype

Validate and develop your Smart Contract use case. We speak Ethereum, Hyperledger, Uplink and Corda :-)

Business Case Development

Assess market & opportunity size, alignment with capabilities, complexity to implement (consortium), revenue and margin potential, and required investment.

Technology Solution

Develop a Web3.0 blockchain based prototype or enterprise grade application. We have built a technology framework that accelerates the development of blockchain applications.

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