An innovative technology solution provider for financial institutions looking to remain relevant.

An innovative technology solution provider for financial institutions looking to remain relevant.

Experts in prime services, multi-asset post-trade, and distributed ledger technologies.
Focused on high friction & high touch capital markets infrastructure components.
Collaborating with leading financial institutions to build the next-generation multi-asset post-trade network by leveraging emerging technologies and state of the art straight-through-processing.

We are committed to improving accuracy and efficiencies in a credible way for institutions in the multi-asset brokerage ecosystem. Our cloud-based platform leverages emerging technologies and provides levels of straight-through-processing never reached before. We look at each challenge uniquely and partner with financial institutions to unleash network effects through deep functional expertise.
-Mehdi Zhiri, Founder and CEO


Rethinking capital markets infrastructure.

Rethinking capital markets infrastructure.
A nimble and efficient brokerage network.


Listed derivatives, securities, FX&OTC, digital assets


Cloud infrastructure integrating core components from distributed ledger and real-time messaging technologies


Efficient multi-party Legal and Operational workflows leveraging Smart Contracts.


Our brokerage platform digitizes multi-party ecosystems through
smart contracts resulting in untapped efficiencies.

Our brokerage platform digitizes multi-party ecosystems through
smart contracts
resulting in untapped efficiencies.

The multi-asset prime brokerage industry has historically struggled by running on siloed processes and heterogeneous platforms, thus incurring a very high cost of ownership. The Mosaique platform marks a new era in how institutional brokerage firms and their customers can increase operational efficiencies. The use of distributed ledger and smart contract technologies enable automations and data lineage properties that were not possible to achieve until now.
-Christine Show, Industry Advisor and former Global Head of Listed Derivatives Operations at Société Générale.


A highly experienced team

A highly experienced team consisting of recognized subject matter experts


Mehdi Zhiri


Mehdi has over 15 years of experience leading high-performance capital markets infrastructure teams and managing multi-asset and prime brokerage products. He combines hands-on experience with deep knowledge of distributed ledger and smart contract concepts.
Prior to founding Mosaique, he led multi-asset post-trade and clearing technology at Newedge and Société Générale.


Alain Courbebaisse


Alain is Chief Information Officer at Euronext, the largest European stock exchange. He is a pioneer in highly scalable capital markets infrastructure. Prior to his current role, he held several executive roles at Société Générale in Paris, London, Chicago and NY where he built one of the best technology and sales infrastructures in the derivatives industry.

Rumi Morales


Rumi is Partner at Outlier Ventures, a global venture platform for emerging technologies. She is a pioneer in identifying and investing in the technologies that will define our economy's next generation. Prior to her current role, she oversaw CME Group’s Venture Capital arm where she led investments in early blockchain startups.

Christine Show


Christine has served as Global Head of Listed Derivatives Operations at Société Générale, leading global futures operations with ~$40Bn in customer funds. She has held board positions at the OCC and the Future Industry Association (FIA) Operations Divisions, and has served on the ICE Clear US Risk Committee.

Pierre-Alain Zatara


Pierre-Alain is Head of Business Controlling at COFCO International, a world leading integrated agribusiness. He has extensive Back, Middle and Operational knowledge of Agri commodities business. Prior to that, he was EMEA Financial Controller at Louis Dreyfus, overseeing their global trading operations.


News & Press Releases

News & Press Releases


Understanding Digital Transformation: A Mini Case Study

“Digital transformation” is a hot topic but very few people actually take the time to stop and consider what the phrase means or, more pointedly, provide examples of how digital transformation is working in actual practice. Digital transformation is the flavor of the age as companies like Netflix, Uber and Amazon upend traditional entities or create entirely new lines of business. The message is seemingly very clear: everyone should be doing whatever they can to get digitally transformed!


Delivering Cost Efficiencies in Derivatives Markets

The futures industry has a huge problem that is hiding in plain sight but, paradoxically, it has not received the attention that it deserves. After many years of investment in back office systems that focused on rising regulatory requirements at the expense of the bottom line, current practices have led to the situation where hundreds of millions of dollars are tied-up in a confusing tangle of manual back office procedures that greatly increase both operational risk and resource intensity. A change is needed and Mosaique delivers on that promise.


Mosaique is one of 20 companies chosen to exhibit in the Innovators Pavilion at the 35th Annual FIA Expo in Chicago October 29-31.

Washington, D.C.—FIA today announced that 20 companies have been chosen to exhibit in the FIA Innovators Pavilion at the 35th Annual Futures and Options Expo, which will take place in Chicago on Oct. 29-31.

The FIA Innovators Pavilion gives fintech startups the chance to connect with more than 4,000 people at the largest gathering of derivatives industry professionals in the world. Participants are selected by a panel of industry experts from FIA member firms as well as venture capital companies and other market participants. To date, 72 startups from five countries have participated in this annual showcase.


Mosaique and Adjoint Announce Partnership: Mosaique Leverages Adjoint’s Uplink to Transform the Prime Brokerage Lifecycle

Mosaique, a Chicago-based FinTech offering multi-asset post-trade solutions, and Adjoint, a Boston headquartered distributed ledger technology firm, announce partnership to transform the manual, costly practices of the prime brokerage lifecycle.

The partnership between Mosaique and Adjoint illustrates the effect of collaboration and applying innovative digital technologies to the financial services industry. Currently, the prime brokerage lifecycle relies on slow and manual processes, multiple heterogeneous platforms and redundant datasets prone to inaccuracies.


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